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The children we care for are a constant inspiration to do our best today and to strive to do better tomorrow – their smiles, their courage, their trust – that is our inspiration.
- Jane Balint, MD


Welcome to Box Hill Pediatrics: Abingdon, Maryland

What should you look for in a pediatrician?
Dr. Katherine Hopkins introduces Box Hill.

We are Box Hill pediatrics and work constantly to make this a practice that is friendly to kids and their families.

Care is provided for patients from birth through high school. We know the challenges parents face with their newborn babies, the early years of growth, and we understand what it is like to go through adolescence again with your teen-agers.

Our office is designed to be pediatric friendly with well-care and sick-care waiting rooms and an area for teen-agers.  All of our exam rooms have engaging and fun artwork and are designed for parent participation in the child's visit.

Our staff has been trained to be friendly and provide help for you in any area from care, to scheduling, to reporting, and the complexities of healthcare coverage and insurance requirements.

Since 1995 we have watched many families grow and we want to be part of your family's life. Our very first newborns are now graduating from high school. We also cultivate a practice that can provide care for children with special needs.

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